Christian Marriage

Marriage goes back a long way.  As far back as we can delve in human history, couples pledged themselves to each other and 'bonded' as parents of their children.  In the Bible, marriage is part of the story of creation.  When the first man and woman were created -to be companions and helpers to each other -the Bible gives this simple explanation for their new-found relationship: 'For this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh' (Genesis 2:24).  Those words are the basis of the Jewish and Christian view of marriage -the life-long union of one man to one woman, to the exclusion of anyone else.  Of course, the couple will have close relatives and friends, but they can never be part of the unique intimacy of the marriage bond ('one flesh').

Jesus himself endorsed this view of marriage, making the additional point that the commitment is equal and complementary -both the woman and the man commit themselves to each other, and both are equally bound to maintain that commitment (see Mark 10 : 2-12).

Of course, the ancient world had quite different marriage customs, and even in Britain our present system of registration and so on is relatively modern.  But marriage in a church service is a very long Christian tradition, and probably follows the Jewish custom of a blessing for the newly-wed couple.  You are not 'more' or 'better' married in church than elsewhere -it's the vows and promises that make a marriage, not the setting and the prayers -but for people who believe in God it seems absolutely right to start this important new step in their lives by asking for his help and blessing on them.

 Can we be married on a day other than a Saturday?

 Yes, there is no extra charge for a wedding on a weekday.

 Cancellation or postponement of the wedding

 Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel or postpone your wedding.

 What about the reading of the Banns?

 If you both live in one of these parishes then your Banns will be read automatically.  If one of you lives in another Parish then it is your responsibility to ensure that your Banns are also read in that Parish.  This is important, if you fail to do this it may lead to the postponement of your wedding.

The other parish will issue a certificate: hand this in at the rehearsal.

 When will the Banns be read?

Your Banns will be read here on the first three Sundays of the calendar month before the month in which you are getting married.  You are welcome at these services.

9:30 am at St Gwynog's, Aberhafesp.

11:30 am at St  Llwchaiarn's, Llanllwchaiarn or 9:45am in All Saints, Newtown.

 Can we be married in Church even if one of us has been divorced?

It is possible; please contact us to discuss this.

 What about the rehearsal?

The rehearsal will be arranged when you confirm your booking.  Only the bride and groom are required at this, although others may attend.  Please also make sure that you bring payment, a copy of your order of service, and the banns certificate from another parish if applicable.

 Do we need to attend any Wedding Preparation classes?

If you would like to discuss this, then please contact us.

 What if either of us are under 18?

You must get your Parents or Guardians to complete and sign the FORM OF CONSENT. Please  ask  for a copy.

Please contact the Rector to discuss weddings and marriage further.



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